Friday, September 14, 2012

and then..................

Ok, how do I start this.......hmmmmm oh heck here it goes..........

The decision to have a hysterectomy isn't one of what flavor of ice cream would be best! It took us many heart felt prayers and pondering and searching and talking to get to the conclusion that I needed one. Sooooo I called my Dr. and set up the appointment. Oh I was as nervous as a chicken about to get it's head chopped off!!! July 16th was the day that the man child and I went into that office to have a chat with the mostest amazing Dr alive! (no, serious he is!!) Well, that was a Monday and he said I could have it on Wednesday if I wanted it but we needed to figure life stuff out and holy potatoes just breath for a sec! 
So we chatted with the lovely nurse (for the privacy of others I will call her Birtha!) So this Birtha nurse lady friend pulled up the Dr.s surgery chart and we figured the best day for us was dun dun dunnnnnn August 1 2012 Oh for the love of grasshoppers that was only 2 1/2 weeks away!!! We had a lot of planning to do and maybe a few angry old ladies to tell that I couldn't do their hair for a few weeks (death rays were shot at me at on earth could I possibly leave their hair unattended!) ;) I so love all............well almost lovely clients...............(OH, I LOVE YOU! NO, I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT YOU!?!?) Back to the story...Got all that we could situated and had a few fun get together with friends (you all know who you are and I lovest yer guts!) and family dinners and before we knew it the day had arrived!

Oh for those of you who don't know about the waiting and waiting and WAITING you have to do for the hospital to call you to tell you all the info and time to be there, well it's HORRENDOUS!!

August 1st at 9:00 or 30............hahahaha I can't remember what time I went in!!! hehehehe I'm still laughing about that!!! Ok so I head on in to the "old" hospital and get all gown, beautiful blue hair cap thingy on, lovely blue fuzzy socks with rubber grips on the top or bottom (you don't have to check to make sure it's on right!) and sit                              and sit                                       and sit                                     and sit.......................................................they put in my IV and had to take the last pregnancy test I'll ever have to take and let me tell ya the hospital rapes ya on that charge!!! Anyhooo I wasn't preggers DUHHHHhh (could have told them that one!) and oh oh oh I need to say that Dixie Regional Medical Center has thee bestest nurses ever! I have NEVER had a bad experience with any of them (I have had many, many, buttloads of encounters!!) After a long wait to get on up to the pre operating room where the Dr, "sleepy Dr" and O.R. nurse comes to chat with ya. I finally get my driver to come get me and we head on up there and I have to tell ya that my bed wheels were a bit off and he (the nurse man) kept bumping into the doors and was an awesome ride!! :) this pre o.r. room is cold and lonely (the man child was with me) and we waited some more............let me say that if you leave the man unattended and the wife hooked up and unable to restrain him, he likes to get into things like he is a 2 year old (I flippin' love that man!!) I had to yell through gritted teeth for him to behave!!!!!! Don't worry he was good but only cuz he was nervous about this surgery and he was having second thoughts cuz heck he hasn't had that joy of experiencing watching your wife's belly getting bigger, feeling that first kick, looking for the gender of your baby, the joy of telling all you come in contact with that you're having a boy or a girl, the food cravings, the puking, mood swings, Dr appointments that aren't to deal with surgery, the false labor, the real labor, the water breaking and you thinking you just peed, the delivery of that most precious beautiful spirit fresh from Heaven, the cry of your new born baby, the tears of pure joy for the love that you and your spouse have shared from bringing that miracle into your family, and I was fighting a battle in my head because I felt like it was all my fault for not being able to give him all of that!! I had and was the strong one and told him over and over again that it would all be okay!(breath) Dr. Rogers came in and talked to us and reassured us that all was fine and my quality of life would be so much better. Then the "sleepy" Dr came in and started talking to us and explaining things. He got ready to push me into the o.r. and I kissed that man child of mine and told him not to worry and I loved him and I'd see him soon! As I was being wheeled down the hall I asked if the "sleepy" Dr put something in my IV and he said YEP and I felt like I was on a fluffy cloud (I love it!!) and I said "Oh, I can feel it now!" (the man child said later that that kinda broke his heart hearing that cuz he knew I was gone) ((I can't imagine how nerve racking it must feel to send your loved one off to surgery and have to wait in the waiting room! :( )) I get into the O.R. and there are nurses and they are talking to me but I'm so loopy that all I remember was scooting onto the operating table and they put on the oxygen and said breath and I was OUT!!!

Waking up in excruciating pain and moaning and trying to not puke is not my idea of waking up!! I was in the recovery room for the max time, which is 1 1/2 hours, and the nurse finally after many, many, many shots of morphine, she said she couldn't give me any more med's cuz she had given me the maximum and I was still in A LOT of pain and she was sorry. :(  They took me up to my room, cuz lucky me I got to stay in there over night, I met my nurses that would take care of me but I didn't care cuz I was so pukey feeling and my head was so foggy and still in horrible pain..........pain like I've never felt..........but those lovely nurses gave me shots of percocet and morphine and I still...................felt like puking and had major pain and couldn't eat anything and the nurses wanted me to go WALKING!?!? and I finally came to my senses and put one and one together (not 2 and 2!) figured out that duhhhh percocet doesn't do ANYTHING for me and if they could ask my Dr to switch it to loratab I would be better...............well after that was said and done, I got my little blue pills and sure enough the pain was bearable and I got up and walked the halls and was able to eat some crackers and (nope not sleep) rest!! All night long you have the nurse coming in to check you and I wasn't mad or anything but I wake up at a drop of a feather (serious!!!) 
Next day or should I say the butt crack of dawn, I was sitting trying to do (hahaha not do) anything to pass the time I was watching tv cuz at least the Olympics were on :) and I got more blood draws and oh glorious day they finally took out the pee bag and I could be a big girl now and go potty in the toilet!!! ;)  Now when my Dr came in to check on me, I begged him to let me go home and he said he would see if I would eat and walk more and could control my pain with just pills and no shots of morphine...mission accepted!!! I ate a bit and walked the halls without flashing anyone, I hope, and started taking loratab and motrin and I got to go home by 4ish that afternoon!!!! angels were singing!!! I said goodbye to all the amazing nurses and as I was being wheeled out I said to the nurse that I must be a wimp cuz I was going home the latest of all the other hysterectomy patients and she said heck no cuz all the other ones had the less invasive kinds and with mine being the cut yer gut wide open kind they usually keep those in for 2 nights so I was good!! 

Fast forward (sorry it's a long one!) it's been 6 weeks of recovery and I have to say that we have seen and felt the Lords helping hands by many angels here on Earth! We had meals from friends and family and prayers were answered in many private ways (too special to share) and the support of an incredible man that chose to be my eternal companion almost 6 years ago and the love and concern from an amazing daughter who is still as sweet as she was at birth! I have grown to be more patient and loving and appreciative of ALL that I have....... I still feel a bit sad that I will never be able to share that experience with my best friend of having biological children.......BUT we wouldn't change a thing!!!!

 Now starts the next chapter of our lives together and journey to our happily ever after!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Princess and the BIG box!

the look of pure joy! ;)

he's a weee bit excited...ya think ;)

I'm sexy and I know it!!! :0

Uncle Adam loves his nieces and nephews! shhhh ;)

Christmas.....uh is it over!?!?

Ok so I totally suck when it comes to posting and remembering and doing things and well just about everything.. ;) so I should talk about our Christmas shindig right?

I love this time of year as well as just about any other one but Christmas is special and I love to show my family the true meaning of it and also spend money on them! *you have to give me a break cuz I'm running on memory and we all know I'm "special"* We didn't have the princess, she spent this year with her dad, but we do all the full shabam when we can and so we had our full blown Christmas on Christmas eve.

Oooh hold yer horses just a bit there.... It all started at the beginning of December when the man child and I decided not to go over board with gifts and heck we are poor just like ya'll soooo that was that and agreed (bwahahaha my evil laugh) I always try to surprise that man of mine but he always pulls one on me so I decided to stash away some extra money that he had no idea about * Christmas time nice people tip their hairdresser very well... I am sooo thankful for that!*.. so I got him an xbox360 cuz his died a few months back! (super rad wife! I know!!) I hid that bugger in a big BIG box that had Tay's present in it and the man had no idea hehehe. Anywhooo Christmas morning (for us) we waited for the princess to arrive while that man child of mine was making a fantabulous breakfast for his girls (super yummy as always...and hey ladies he CLEANS up his messes!!!) *we are happily married and will always be!* We shoved food in our faces and than sat to open PRESENTS!!!!! First we read and talked about the birth of our Savior and his life and why we celebrate it and how grateful we are for Him. (I love how the man can bring the Spirit into our home, I LOVE him for that) Ok now it's present time.... we let the princess open a few small ones and all that then I pulled out the BIG box...she opened it and found her big makeup box and loved it and then she said.."there is another present in here?" the man looked at me and I just shrugged ;0 hehehe I stood up and grabbed the wrapped gift and took it to the man and put it in his lap all the while he kept saying.."what did you do, woman?" (we have affectionate pet names :)) I just told him to open it and be happy.....well he was happy and I had to tell him I stashed money from him and there was no credit card useage at all!!.... there were more gifts and such but I think you get the picture... :)
~the in laws~ super fun time up there and all the grownup kids ( I am a grownup!!) we got waterproof camcorders... AWESOME!!!! ....ate a huge turkey dinner (read my Thanksgiving post and you'll get all the details) and then we had to get the princess to her dad...
Christmas day we went to church (I love Christmas on a Sunday) then went to me parents house and had tons of fun with allllll the kiddios and uncle Adam loves it!!.... LOVE our families!!

It was a lovely Christmas but I will one day get to go away and be just us on a far away island or mountain or a car that is taking us somewhere where we can make all the memories for a life time!

 AND JUST US :) (hopefully)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the month of awesomeness!!

So I was texting the man at the beginning of this fine month of February and told him that this was the stupendous most Beautiful, romantical, joyous, glorious, month ever!....His response was " you are delusional, woman."
I love my man and all that he says and does (hehehe some things) but he loathes this month of February...seriously, how can anyone hate this month?!?! So here are some of the reasons why I love this month!
1.... on the bright crisp day of Feb. 1st I wake up with an overwhelming feeling of JOY! (even with a migraine!)
2.... Groundhog day....oh come on you know you love it and hope that little rodent doesn't see his shadow...or is it we hope he see's his shadow...oh who cares I love it!!

3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,'s getting brighter earlier every day!

14...AHHhhhh yep it's lovers day the day of excitement and chocolate!!... I don't care for that brown (hehehe) stuff but sometimes I do ;) I don't care for flowers either cuz they are outrageously expensive and die in less than a week so I forgo them!...k if you don't like V day than there is something wrong with you (just sayin') On our day of lovers we go to dinner, his choice, and I get to pick out the most girly, lovie dovie, movie and he can NOT complain about it at all while watching it! ( I have picked so horrible movies in the years!) Cheap and fun and we LOVE spending time together!

15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23..... It just starts to get warmer and the sun shines...with a little rain mixed in there but I love them rainy days.....the flowers might be poppin' their heads out of the ground (here in sunny Dixie anyways!) and green leafs trying to bud on the trees....ahhh wish you were here hu?

24,25,26,27,28, and in the leap years the 29th!!

29... this is by far my mostest favoritable (I know I spelled it wrong... just say it like it's spelled!) day's ever! I was and still am one of those wicked awesome peoples who had the opportunity to come into this world on this day of leap! Even though my mom, who is super rad, went into labor 10 days early and had to have me c-section, I came into this beautiful world on February 29 at 2:15am 1976 (zip it!) (thanks Mom, I owe you tons for putting up with me all these years ;)) and my parents made it wicked, awesome fun every birthday by celebrating my b-day on the 28th and the mom said I was born in February and my dad always and still does say "well, she was born the day after the 28th." ... Oh,I sooo love my parents!!! :)

Soooo why or how could you hate this month!?! No really how could you!!!! ;)
The End!

Friday, January 6, 2012

OH poop... I forgot Turkey Day!!!

So this year turkey day was on the last Thursday of November and that was the start of the feeding!(hehehe DUH!) We (the man, the princess, and I) went up to the in-laws to commence with the fantabulous day :) This turkey day wasn't the normal have a nice little dinner with family , heck NO it was not, it was the beginning of the gorging and bloating feeling that was felt for many days after ;) Playing of some wicked awesome game called the game of things and having just a blast with the raddest McKeehan's ever!!
The deep frying of turkey hmmmm........ I have to say that I do agree with the man on this one that deep fried turkey is the!! (hey I'm a tard get over it) I still dislike BACON... disgusto!!!! I love green beans but once you put that pig stuff in it I can't do that so I passed on that filthy swine infested stuff :0 Stuffed my fat chipmunk face with Jessica Harward's amazing rolls (recipe from her amazing mom in-law) and my oober yummo stuffing (recipe from my awesome sis in-law Kami's grandma) and swimming in gravy (mom in-law's homemade)..... are ya hungry yet? Ok enough food talk on to next things.....
I so love to play games with the Mckeehan peeps and this one was AwEsOmE!! (make your voice sing with this word) I will have to admit I do think bodily functions and the noises that come out while in the midst of them are HILARIOUS (I know I act like I'm 6) and that was the most phrase used in the game...and yes I laughed every time it was used!!
Football....need I say more!?! It was on and we watched it and that's it! A super awesome day with some super awesome peeps!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

award winning chili!!

the, so sad there is no leftovers, pot!!

Yay, I did it!! ;)

my lil' zombie chika :) love her!!

Almost turkey day and I haven't done Halloween!

Well, a lot has happened since my last post and so here's a quick over view.
Halloween was fun and it's one of the holidays that the man and I love and for our ward Halloween trunk or treat they have a chili cook off and every year the man makes his oober yummo chili and his biggest wish is to win first place..... He tried so hard and woke up at the butt crack of dawn and started his preparation for the glorious meal. Ya gotta let it cook for 6 to 10 or whatever hours to let the spices and such marry together so that it will just explode in your mouth, kinda like a party in your mouth ;) So the chili is cooking in the crock all day as we just go about our Saturday ritual of cleaning and shopping and such! As the time get's closer to the party we start getting our "BrighaUtes" make-up on and grab the chili and off we go to the trunk or treat......It's so much fun with the man being the so called DJ or announcer or commentator (whatever ya want to call it) He knows how to have fun and make a fool of himself and that's why I love his guts!! The time comes after the whole crowd had their feedings to announce the winners of the chili cook off and I swear it was not rigged but HE WON!!!! He was the announcer and was surprised too :0 ( it was his best chili by far!)
Longer story shorter...hehehe ;)... it was a fantastical night with rad neighbors and friends! We went home and  took some pictures of the man and his prize and the empty chili pot!!